March 25, 2017

Punjab Mail 7

Mandi Gobindgarh

March 24, 2017

Punjab Mail 6

Stone's Turbogenerator  500 Watts for engine cab lighting.

March 21, 2017

Punjab Mail 5

Howrah -- Amritsar

March 03, 2017

Punjab Mail 4

Boiler Maker Chargeman.
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February 27, 2017

Punjab Mail 3

Bombay VT - Ferozepur

February 24, 2017

Punjab Mail 2

Ludhiana railway station and locomotive shed


February 17, 2017

Punjab Mail 1

And so although this district is for more dismal  and devoid of cheer than the place where i live myself , I can turn a blind eye to the dreariness.

This post is under construction.

February 05, 2016

Crisscrossing Tracks at the Steam Shed

As the post following this one is devoted to a picture-essay on a defunct steam locomotive shed, I am including here a 'blueprint' here of an actual loco shed layout. There is just the slightest possibility I may be able to lay my hands on the memoirs of an Anglo Indian who back in the forties had explored several locomotive sheds here in India and has left behind a lovely account of what he found at these steam centres of his day. If I do succeed in getting hold of this memoir, this picture below may serve as an interesting prelude to the reminiscences of this adventurer who was as charmed by the working of steam then as we enthusiasts are today.