March 21, 2017

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Howrah -- Amritsar

March 03, 2017

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Boiler Maker Chargeman.
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February 27, 2017

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Bombay VT - Ferozepur

February 24, 2017

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Ludhiana railway station and locomotive shed


February 17, 2017

Punjab Mail 1

And so although this district is for more dismal  and devoid of cheer than the place where i live myself , I can turn a blind eye to the dreariness.

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February 05, 2016

Crisscrossing Tracks at the Steam Shed

As the post following this one is devoted to a picture-essay on a defunct steam locomotive shed, I am including here a 'blueprint' here of an actual loco shed layout. There is just the slightest possibility I may be able to lay my hands on the memoirs of an Anglo Indian who back in the forties had explored several locomotive sheds here in India and has left behind a lovely account of what he found at these steam centres of his day. If I do succeed in getting hold of this memoir, this picture below may serve as an interesting prelude to the reminiscences of this adventurer who was as charmed by the working of steam then as we enthusiasts are today. 

January 08, 2016

Down by the Loco Shed

IN DAYS GONE BY rail enthusiasts, eager to explore the railways they loved, trekked along railway tracks, pottered about in yards, sipped coffee at stations while they watched trains come and go. They still do the same today. But the rail adventure today is devoid of a crucial element that made these trips ever so enjoyable—and that is the absence of steam locomotives and the sheds which homed them. The enthusiast had very little understanding of the mechanics of the locos he admired, yet he would find his feet carrying him along the shining steel rails to the remote, far-off establishment, the loco shed, where he found himself entranced by the magic of steam, fire and coal working its wonders on that most fascinating of all mechanical contrivances, the steam locomotive.

Those good old machines of old have nearly disappeared. But so what? There is still enough magic in a steam locoshed to beckon me at all times. And although I can’t expect to find those grand old machines with fire in their bellies around, I rejoice in the sight of an old shed. Stephenson’s invention is now relegated to heritage museums, but each time I visit a steam shed, there is something in it that welcomes me, something that takes my breath away. There is always something to remind me of that bygone age when the push and pull, the heave and sigh of the iron horse was as common on the rails as the motorcar is on the street today. 

I said there is always something exciting in a loco yard. Here is a narrow gauge steam locomotive tender atop a broad gauge wagon. The loco itself worked on the Central Railway, so I assume it was a Pulgaon-Arvi engine.

Can you ever imagine a locoshed without a turntable? Here’s one that has survived all these years. It carries the manufacturer’s plate on the side of the girder. I would love to read the information on the plate but this would mean I would need to step into the pit. Once inside how do I come out of it by myself ?!!

And here’s a heritage narrow gauge carriage. Not heritage to be exact, but old enough to be charming. Such are the treasures you will find lying around in loco yards...

Another view of the loco turntable...

And here’s a scan from an old Indian Railways manual telling about the maintenance of turntables and the adjustments to be carried out on them...

January 02, 2016

A Hundred Year old Railway Ticket...

I HAVE RECEIVED a note from Mrs. Tanya Castellas telling me of an old railway ticket which her mother Rosalind Simon has preserved all along.  This is a North Western Railway ticket dating back to 4 November 1915. The journey covered is from Pathankot to Lahore Cantonment East for which the fare was only Rs 3 – 00 at the time.

Mrs  Castellas has been kind enough to provide me a scan and says she would like to give away the ticket to anyone who is into collecting Indian Railways memorabilia.

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to own a heritage railway ticket that is over a hundred years old. Just imagine, a railway ticket dated 4 November 1915 !

Readers who are interested in acquiring this prized ticket may write to Mrs Castellas at the following email ID :

So hurry folks, the first person to contact Mrs Castellas gets the prize !!