A Gift from Karl & Melanie Lobo (Part I)

There's some good news for you folks. You won't believe me, Karl and Melanie Lobo have brought along a gift hamper for us all. It consists of a set of pictures taken in places where Karl's grand-dad Mr. Walter Tresslor worked on the railways here in India. Now if you haven't read as yet about Walter, you had better do so now. Turn to the post below titled A Letter from Karl Lobo. Mr. Tresslor was first at the Moghulpura Workshops in Lahore as you will see, and later, after partition, opted to relocate to India. Here he served as Carriage & Wagon Foreman at the Kurduwadi Workshops of the Barsi Light Railway.
Karl's gift to us is a set of ten lovely pictures from old and long forgotten albums showing the place where Mr Tresslor worked, as well as shots of the railway colony where he lived. It is all so very charming !!
Unfortunately I am unable to maintain the captions in the proper place in relation to the pictures which follow, so you will find these picture headings all listed together at the beginning. Many, many thanks to Karl and Melanie for a truly grand post !!
Picture Captions:
1) Republic Day at Kurduwadi, Central Railway
2) Celebrations at Carriage & Wagon Workshops, Kurduwadi
3) At the Carrige & Wagon Workshops at Kurduwadi
4) Mrs Tresslor with two officers wives outside their railway bungalow at Kurduwadi
5) At the Senior Staff Institute in Kurduwadi