October 31, 2010

Masjid Bunder station success

Again this post is due to Rajendra Aklekar, who is always ready to swoop down and report on any heritage and preservation activities going on around town. Many thanks Raj, for a top quality report !!
The gas lamp you see in the previous post is not the only thing preserved after Masjid Bunder bridge was demolished. By the way, Masjid Bunder is a small suburban station a few kilometers away from Bombay VT on the ex-GIP line.  Says Rajendra: "The final demolition of the Masjid road over-bridge took place in 2009. But the plaques that you see in the pic and an old cast iron gas lamp (see post below) with vivid carvings has been saved from the hammer and may be seen in the museum at Mumbai CST. The Central Railway has been considerate to take efforts of not touching these precious things. Thanks to the chief public relations officer Shriniwas Mudgerikar, who got it done. The road over-bridge at Masjid was built in 1857, when the Indian Mutiny was on, and completed in 1867, ten years later. The booking office had come up later in 1924."
Picture and report courtesy of Rajendra Aklekar