Vintage pictures

Back in February this year, I received a delightful set of pictures from Dr Ardeshir B Damania showing views of Devlali and Bhandup stations back in 1925.  "Last week I was in Mumbai," wrote Dr Damania, "and went through my father's photo album and also found pictures of De
vlali Station and Bhandup station from 1925. Devlali was one of my father's favorite hill stations and Bhandup was where my father and his college (VJTI) friends would go for excellent toddy from the date palm trees.

"Notice that Bhandup had overhead electric traction already installed in 1925. There was no electric traction at Devlali in 1925."

Readers of this site may wish to compare the view of Bhandup station with what  it looks like now. Here's a colour snap provided very kindly by Rajendra Aklekar, which shows the same tiled office which is the Stations Master's office now. 

Many, many thanks both to Dr Damania and Raj for the lovely updates.
Picture Courtesy:
Upper and middle :  Mr Behramji M. Damania (1893 - 1982)
Lower : Rajendra Aklekar