A peek into B. N. R. heritage

Here are pictures of some more treasures once used on the Bengal Nagpur Railway of yore. To begin with we have a goods brake van that once served on the Satpura Lines, now preserved at the Narrow Gauge museum of Nagpur, followed by a ZE engine being turned on a turntable.

Did you ever wonder how a kerosene lamp atop a semaphore signal actually looks? Below is a specimen worth studying. Simple in construction, semaphore lamps were equipped with fresnel lenses to reduce bulk and weight. The plate atop the lamp had faded lettering in relief, reading "The Adlake Non-sweating Lamp, London". 

This vignette shows a heritage electric telegraph used for transmitting line-clear messages by station masters on the famed BNR.

And finally we have a classic old BNR document from the Local and Recreation Club of Nagpur dated December 1938.  Click for a larger view (Picture courtesy of the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Nagpur).