More Archival Pictures

A vintage advertisement from R. White & Sons of Widnes, England, manufacturers of railway crossings and turntables.

Reception signal at old Adra yard

The Bengal Nagpur Railway Institute in Bilaspur dates back to 1912.

The BNR Workshop in Kharagpur is famed for its work in locomotive maintenance, and building carriage bodies. Here is an old manufacturer’s plate dating back to 1908. Coats and coats of paint have obliterated the detail nearly to extinction.

Stableford and Company Limited of Coalville, England were carriage and wagon builders.

A railway telegram of 2nd  July 1941.

T.  Summerson and Sons Limited of Darlington , manufacturers of railway points and track accessories. Vintage railway books contain hundreds of such advertisements.

A hundred and fifteen years ago, Dutton & Company Limited of Worcester, England, made this signal counterweight for the BNR in the year 1899.

Gorumahisani mines. Loading of ore from a narrow gauge train (top) into a chute for whence it passes into broad gauge wagons waiting below.

This pretty looking coal oven made by D. G. & Company of Calcutta was used for cooking food, but I have no information  where is was used. But it nice to fantasize where it might have been used... maybe some station refreshment room kitchen, or maybe an old officer’s bungalow....