Introducing John Levick of Birmingham

John Levick,
Metal Spinning Works,
Alma Street, Aston

Telegrams: “Levick, Birmingham”

Contractor for Government and Railway Stores.

Patentee and Manufacturer of

High Class Metal Spinnings and Stampings in All Metals.
Metallic Cast Iron and Earthenware Lavatory
and Sanitary Appliances, Folding and Fixed.
Wash Basins for Railway Carriages, Ships’ Cabins, Hotels, &c.
Specialities in Automatic Syphon Flushing Cisterns
and Waste Preventers for Railway Carriages,
Stations and Public Conveniences.
Hot Water Apparatus and Fittings for Railway Carriages, Lavatories, 
Steam Launches, &c.
Ventilators, Air Regulators, Gas and Electric Lamp Metal Work.
Water Tanks and Fittings in Galvanized Iron, Copper, Zinc with 
Acetylene-welded Joints.
Gunmetal, Brass and Phosphor Bronze fittings for Steam, Water &c.
Electro-depositing in Silver and Other Metals by Patent Process 
ensuring an even thickness and fine quality.
Specialities in Solid Spun Locomotive Funnel Tops.

Now what is all this fuss about? We are talking about this prettily made and ingenious device, which is actually a wash basin for use in railway carriages. Many of these wash basins from John Levick found their way to India and were employed in railway first class carriages. The receptacle for the water has perforations close to where it is pivoted , and when turned up, the contents empty through this outlet. A catch at the top enables the basin to be folded up when not in use.