Echoes from the past

For years Class BS  No. 615 was plinthed in front of the South Eastern Railway Divisional office here in Nagpur. This is a 2-8-2 engine running on 2 ft 6 in. gauge, and did service on the Satpura lines of Central India. The loco was manufactured in 1915  by M/s Nasmyth, Wilson & Company Limited, Manchester. No further details of the loco are available with me as yet. Some years ago, when parking space at the railway office had become scarce, the locomotive was shifted to another location, and now it stands proudly in the Motibagh Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco Shed.

Class ZP  No. 5 holds 4 tons of coal and 1700 gallons of water in its tender. This 4-6-2 engine, again running on 2 ft 6 in. gauge was made by Nasmyth, Wilson & Co. Ltd. of Manchester in 1954, and hauled passenger trains on the Pulgaon -- Arvi narrow gauge section of Central Railway from May 1955 to June 1986. Displayed now in the circulating area of Nagpur railway station.

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